Ihub Reads 2014/2015

The following is my page for all my Ihub read assignments for my chosen novel, Dracula.  This is where you’ll find my reviews/summaries of certain chapters and other thoughts I have of the book along the way.


Chapter 5 Summary

Chapter 5 is made up of letters between the characters. It begins out to be from the point of view of Mina Murray, writing a letter to her friend, Lucy Westenra. She writes about how she’s sorry about being so busy with work, she mentions that she can’t wait for them to meet up together. Mina talked about how much she misses Jonathan. She’s been keeping up with his studies and said she’s received his letters, he should be home soon.

It then changes to Lucy’s point of view, writing back to Mina. She talks about the three men that have proposed to her and that they were all very good people so she was upset about breaking their hearts, but there was someone else she already truly loved.

The last letter shown in the chapter was written by Quincey P. Morris addressed to Arthur Holmood. Quincey invited Arthur to come out drinking with him and to meet women.  Arthur had sent a telegram back accepting his offer.

And in between those letters there was a bit of Dr. Seward’s diary, which was kept in phonograph. Dr. Seward spoke of one of his patients he’s had trouble understanding. Based on the description of the patient, “Sanguine temperament, great physical strength, morbidly excitable, periods of gloom, ending in some fixed idea which I cannot make out.” it gives a feeling that this patient could possibly be a vampire. It isn’t for sure revealed as of chapter 5, but it’s something the story will most likely get back to.


Chapter 19 Summary 

Chapter 19 was made up of Jonathan Harker’s and, Dr. Mina’s journals and Dr. Seward’s diary.  In summary of what happened in this chapter; in Jonathan’s journal it said the reason why Seward didn’t let Renfield go was because he believed that Renfield wanted to help Dracula.  They go to a musty old chapel, there they find plenty of rats and dust as well as 29 boxes of dirt and they’re needing to find 21 more.

In Dr. Seward’s diary ; he talks about Renfield being bad new to Van Helsing. Seward also tells him that it’s best for Mina to stay inside away from their vampire hunting.

Mina’s journal; Mina’s frustrated because no one will tell her what happened the night before. She said when she went to bed she didn’t feel at all sleepy, she could here dogs barking next door. When she did get to sleep she had really weird dreams, one being a pillar of cloud in her room that had red eyes.

The next night, she couldn’t sleep again. She asks Dr. Seward for an aid to help her sleep and then she falls back to sleep.




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