Tri-City News Interview

Today I was honoured to have been interviewed by Tri-City News reporter, Diane Strandberg. After hearing about my recent win in the junior finals in Toronto she was interested in hearing my whole story and upcoming plans in dog shows. I shared with her exactly how dog shows work, what it meant for me to place 4th in Toronto, and about recently being hired to show an Otterhound and a Newfoundland dog at the biggest show in the world, Crufts in England.

When I started in dog shows I was just doing it as something fun to do with my dog, which of course it still is but, I never would’ve expected to be travelling across Canada (soon England!) for it, and now being interviewed on what I do… It’s amazing and I can’t believe all the opportunities the dog is continuing to bring me.

Tri-City news will be posting an article from our interview within the next few weeks 🙂

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