The following is an assignment for iHub reads called, iSearch.  To complete the iSearch we had to search for any detail in our book that stood out to us or we found interesting, and would like to learn more about. By analyzing that detail, rereading it, and by researching it, we discover as much about that detail as possible and think about for what reason it was put in the book and what it symbolizes.

The Wolves 

In the first chapter, Jonathan Harker is on the horse carriage nearing Dracula’s castle, which is when he first encounters the wolves. At first he only heard some distant growls but then the carriage horses became uneasy and the sound of the wolves started getting closer and louder. They were sounding like they were beginning to close in on them and it was very threatening. The growling wolves in the foggy night went along with the story’s mood, how it was being described as, dark, wet, frightening, quiet, lonely.  Jonathan does get to the castle without being harmed.  In chapter 3 Jonathan hears the wolves again from inside the castle and we realize from the Count’s reaction to them he is most likely in control of the wolves.

After rereading the sections of the book talking about the wolves it’s clearer to understand the meaning of them, especially now knowing that Dracula is the one who owns and is in charge of them.  The wolves are over powering, and intimidating, in many ways just like the Count. Dracula enjoys showing what he has and how powerful he is. To him the wolves represent his great power. It shows how much Dracula is capable of, being able to control all the wolves.  Also, having the wolves must remind him of back when he was king of an army. Having the wolves is just like having an army and he still feels the same power from having something he can have complete control of.

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