5 Weeks

October 27, 2015


The kittens were a bit more outgoing at school today… They’re definitely more comfortable being around people and are actually meowing for attention. They don’t really like being put in their kennel anymore. When we did they climbed the cage door meowing demanding for attention. Here’s some pictures from students who took pictures while they were at school:

IMG_8672  kitten school 5 IMG_8414

October 27, 2015

This morning when I went in to their room they were all excited to see me and crawled out of their kennel to see me right away. This was a big improvement since yesterday! Their trip to school yesterday definitely made them more comfortable with people and they have become more outgoing already. Because it worked so well yesterday I think I’ll bring them to school with me again today.


October 26, 2015

Because the kittens wouldn’t have been weaned yet I’ve been feeding them wet canned kitten food with goat’s milk poured on top. At first I’ve been having to hold them and quickly dipping their mouth into the milk to teach them to eat. It took them awhile to get it but once the first one started eating on its own the rest followed. At their age they should be eating 5 times a day, so I decided it would be easiest to care for them if I brought them to school with me today. Thanks to our school’s makerspace “fishlab” I had the perfect spot to keep them out of the way of everyone, and it was quite easy to care for them. It turned out to be an awesome idea because all my friends took turns holding them almost all day and they got so much socializing time with people! This was great because it’s exactly what I needed to work on with them. Tonight they are super tired, I guess their exhausted from all the interacting and being in a new environment today.

At School:

IMG_8413 kitten school 4school kitten good 2 school kitten good


October 25, 2o15 

The kittens are all so adorable and I’m excited to watch them grow and get them socialized & friendly with people. Currently they’re pretty timid and get hissy if you make fast movements around them. They like staying in the kennel we first put them in when we took them out of the barn. When I leave them alone I’m going to leave the radio 0n so they get used to hearing human voices. They’ve gone through so many changes today, now being in the house instead of  the barn, seeing other cats and dogs, and they’re probably missing their mom. I don’t expect them to be too interactive yet.

Because they’re so timid it’s hard to take pictures of them but these are 2 of the first pictures I’ve gotten so far…

IMG_8397       IMG_8401

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