Foster Kittens

October 25, 2015

Today I got a litter of 4 kittens to bring home and foster. They are around 5 weeks old.  They were living in the barn at my aunt’s farm in Langley.  Their mother is a feral cat that we haven’t been able to trap but we were able to take the kittens. I am going to get them socialized with people and used to being in a home environment so we can find them all good homes.

The reason for not leaving them to be raised with their mother is that if I do they will end up being scared of people. That would mean there would be four more feral cats that we wouldn’t be able to catch or get spayed/neutered.

In Langley there’s been a feral cat problem and the city’s gone through the “cat crisis”. It’s very important to help get these numbers down by making sure that cats get fixed. By socializing these kittens now and making sure they get fixed, they will end up having a better quality of life and live in homes with loving families.

Follow how the kittens grow week by week on my following pages 🙂


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