Why Ihub?

For my first year of high school I hadn’t really looked into Ihub much or knew what it was about. Being in French immersion, I went to my catchment school, which is Dr. Charles Best Secondary. I was there for the year of grade 9 and I had no troubles with it. My grades weren’t as high as I would’ve liked but it was only the 9th grade so I wasn’t too concerned. At that time, as well as being involved with riding & horses, I started becoming much more involved in the dog show world and travelling around for them. It was difficult going away for these things and coming back to school having missed tons of classes and trying catch up quickly before tests. This was really quite stressful for me, especially in my math class, which is something I need to learn at a slower pace to do well anyways. Going into grade 10 I knew dog shows was going to become an even bigger part of my life and something I could pursue in my future. Someone suggested homeschool to me or online school so I could continue doing the things I love while making school easier on me. The idea of that interested me, so I looked into “homeschooling” and I found COL courses. I ended up registering with COL for grade 10, and later joined the Ihub school in grade 11.  Since grade 10 my grades have improved by a lot, I’ve been no where near as stressed out, plus it allows me more time to get out to do what I love and incorporate real life situations into my schooling process.  I love how technology based the school is. When I go away it gives me the opportunity to continue working on my laptop and view class lessons online. I’m proud to be apart of this new and very unique school and I believe it’s something that will make myself standout to universities.

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