Global News Interview

Today was a relaxed Sunday morning until I received a call from Global News interviewer, Kristen Robinson, saying that she’d like to come by within a few hours to interview me regarding my recent dog show winnings and plans to go to Crufts!  I quickly raced to get my dog groomed up, all our ribbons put out, and my dog’s equipment out to show them a few demo’s on Conformation, Obedience, and Draft work.

It all went so quickly, and to my surprise they had my interview on tv this evening at 6pm and had it on again at 11pm. Being interviewed knowing it was going to be on tv was a very scary/exciting experience. I was a bit nervous to see myself on tv afterwards but it turned out better than I thought 🙂

Thank you Kristen Robinson and Global News for this opportunity, as well as the offer for a possible follow up once I get home from England!

Emma Gheseger/GlobalNews/Interview

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