Canadian National Junior Handling Final Results — Toronto

What an exciting and busy day I’ve had!! This morning I showed the Great Pyrenees, Bam Bam in the breed ring and won Best Of Breed! I was able to show him in his first ever experience being in the Working group. He didn’t place but for a young Great Pyrenees (a breed that can be a bit nervous of loud noises and being close to other dogs) we were very impressed with how he reacted being in a busy ring full of other dogs. I also helped my friend Grace out with her Dalmatians again.

Even more exciting news… I am #4 Junior Handler in Canada! The competition went awesome this afternoon. It was very nerve wracking but exciting at the same time. I still can’t believe I placed amongst this large group of amazing young handlers. I’m very thankful to my family, friends, and supporters who have helped me get here. I’m especially grateful to Pamela Eldredge and Véronique Matte-Paquet, who let me borrow their Bernese Mountain dog, Romeo, for the competition.

During the competition the working judge (judge who told us what to do) had us due a few patterns one by one, while the four judges in the corners of the ring judged our handling. After they had gone through all of us we were called back into the ring together and were asked to switch dogs with one of the other handlers. The judges choose who chooses with who and this is to show our experience with a different breed, or how we cope with it if we have never shown that breed before. I ended up switching to get Wheaten Terrier, which I was a little worried about because I have never shown one before… I quite enjoyed showing this breed and although I felt unsure about the way I was handling her I got many positive comments on how I looked with her afterwards 🙂

Now on my way home from Toronto tonight… I’m proud to be coming back to BC #4. The show season at home is now over for the winter, the next show I’ll be at is in February. Looking forward to a relaxing Christmas break but I can’t wait to see what the new year of dog showing brings!

Romeo in ring 1

Free stack with Romeo in national juniors ring


Presenting Romeo to the judge









showing bite Pink

Dog switch: Wheaten Terrier, Pink. Showing her bite to the judge

free stack Pink

Free stack after down and back
















nationals ring line up

National Junior Handling Final: Line up of juniors competing 

national flag presentation

National Junior Handling Final: Opening Regional Flag Presentation








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